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Editor's Note: Validation is ... Confirmation by examination using objective evidence to discern invalid data or information - Read how to validate!
Do you think that you are a 'Fiscal Conservative? - 3 Trillion US Budget Debt and 27 Trillion US National Debt


If you ignore the science, facts, or the validation, then admit to yourself, it is only about the Peer-Pressure 'Hatred' for the other side and... You just want to be accepted by your White, Ignorant, Less Educated, Racist War Monger friends.

People are dying to maintain this 'Hate' mentality.

Remember - Those who post ignorant opinions, theories, or unqualified statements risk looking just as ignorant as the materials they post. Ignorance is not the Enemy of Knowledge, it is the presumption, so don't be ignorant!

Donald Trump added $6.7 trillion to the debt between fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2020, a 33.1% increase.

In his FY 2021 budget, Trump's budget included a $966 billion deficit.

 However, the national debt actually grew by $1.5 trillion between Oct. 1, 2020, and Oct. 1, 2021.

  • FY 2021: $1.5 trillion
  • FY 2020: $4.2 trillion
  • FY 2019: $1.2 trillion
  • FY 2018: $1.3 trillion

Under Trump the debt ceiling increased:

by $1.7 trillion to $19.8 trillion (de facto) in March 2017,
by $2.2 trillion to $22 trillion in March 2019.
Trump suspended the debt ceiling in August 2019, through July 2021. At the time of the 2020 election, the national debt stood at over $27 trillion, the fastest rate of increase of the national debt of any modern president.

JOBS - Obama’s Last Three Years Of Job Growth All Beat Trump’s Best Year

Biden's Job recorder verses Trump

Fact Check NBC Town Hall


Trump “Just the other day they came out with a statement that 85 percent of the people that wear masks catch it.”

Uranium One, Benghazi, Berisma, Clinton Email Scandals, Obamagate!
- GOP Investigations - Zero Charges -
- Mueller - 34 Indictments for a total of 144 Charges, all pleaded guilty
Conclusion - GOP lies to fool ignorant Trump Supporters. Ignorance breeds gullibility.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said that the bureau has not seen evidence of widespread voting fraud, an assertion that undercuts President Donald Trump’s recent warnings.

Human Trafficking the new excuse to justify your vote? – Read the Facts

Promises Made, Promises Kept? Read the Facts!

Fiscal Responsibility? Do the Math:
Annual Tax Revenue to run the United States = $3.4 trillion (After Tax Cuts). 

Normal US Government Spending = $4.75 trillion.
Debt ceiling raised adding $1.1 - $1.4 trillion annually - Does NOT include COVID stimulus added debt of over 3 trillion!
Question: Who will pay down the Debt? The GOP is not a party of Fiscal Conservatism!

The Lies - In 1,267 days, President Trump has made 20,055 false or misleading claims (as of July 9, 2020). The Washington Post has compiled a 'validated' list of lies and false statements. Validate! - Read the Facts

The Dumbing down of America is why we have Donald Trump as President.

What is a fact is that America is becoming less educated as noted by the PISA Report and Annual SAT Scores. This partially accounts for the ignorance we see in America today. 'The Dumbing down of America' The latest article by John Cuspilich, Sr. Editor, GMP Publications. Summary: The PISA (The PISA Report) Reports are published every 3 years, and the last report was issued December 2019. PISA is the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment. Every three years it tests students from all over the world in reading, mathematics and science.
Finding: STEM grades and number of Graduates in the US is dropping each year in all Categories. This correlates with the dropping of SAT scores in the US.
: Review the education level of the majority voters for 2016 election exit polls.


The US Brain Drain - Forbes




STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).





China has outstripped both the United States and Europe in graduate numbers and as of 2016, it was building the equivalent of nearly one university per week.

Some estimates see the number of Chinese graduates aged between 25 and 34 rising 300 percent up to 2030 compared to just 30 percent in the U.S. and Europe. According to the World Economic Forum, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has become a pretty big deal in China's flourishing universities.

How an Educated Person approaches questionable facts:

  1. Have the ability to understand the nature or content of the fact in question;
  2. Have the ability to challenge the ‘fact’ in question with other validated resources, i.e.
    1. Other credible news sources, i.e. Routers, APNews, NBC, ABC, CBS, WashingtonPost, WSJ, HuffPost, FoxNews, NYTimes/LATimes, NPR, Politico, Bloomberg, Forbes, CNBC, etc. See Newsfeeds
    2. Other applicable journals and resources, i.e. JAMA, Scientific America, NIH, US CFRs, Professionals with the Education, Training, and Experience, etc.
    3. Conduct a risk assessment using Engineering, Life/Physical Science, Statistics and the independent validated resources.
  3. If you do not know how to do this, then you are ignorant (lack of knowledge)


The Top Tier:

The Wall - Fail

ACA Repeal/Replace - Fail

Lower Drug Cost? - Fail & Fail

Voter Fraud - False

Jobs - Jobs - Jobs - Fail

Economy - Fiscal Failure

Draining the Swamp List

Trump's Sexual Escapades

Promises Broken

Fact check: Harris never called Biden a racist.

Open Borders?

Trump's Latest Lies:

Russia Paid Hunter Biden 3.5 Million? False

Donald Trump - stated on August 17, 2020:
"Our (COVID-19) numbers are better than almost all countries."

Donald Trump - stated on August 19, 2020:
Says President Barack Obama “spied on my campaign, and got caught!”

Donald Trump - stated on August 8, 2020:
“The Democrats don’t want to do anything having to do with protecting people from eviction.”

Donald Trump - stated on August 5, 2020:
Children are “almost immune from this disease.”

Donald Trump - stated on July 20, 2020: “Joe Biden is absolutely on board with defunding the police.”

Donald Trump - stated on July 30, 2020:
Absentee voting is different from mail-in voting and has more protections against fraud.

Donald Trump - stated on July 19, 2020:
“We have one of the lowest mortality rates in the world” from COVID-19.

Donald Trump - stated on July 4, 2020:
Says 99% of COVID-19 cases “are totally harmless.”

Donald Trump - stated on July 14, 2020:
Under Joe Biden’s policy, illegal immigrants will illegally “get welfare benefits.



Notable Sayings:

If you get your information from only one (1) creditable newsfeed, then you will always be ignorant of the facts. Right - Left - Center! BTW, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Breitbart, OANN, are not credible 'newsfeeds'!

"Ignorance is not the enemy of knowledge, it is the 'Illusion' of knowledge"

The US is a country of 'Blue-Collar' workers who cannot afford our own 'Blue-Collar' work.

Promises Broken


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